13 maggio –  27 giugno 2024
Villa San Saverio, Via Valdisavoia 9 (CT)


Simone Sala

Direttore a Varda AG, Vicepresidente e Cofondatore di JengaLab

Emmanuel Letouze

Marie Curie Fellow at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona (2021-23) and the Director of Data-Pop Alliance

Paola Fava

Presidente e cofondatrice di JengaLab


The course will provide students with key elements to understand and apply digital technologies for sustainable development and positive change.


The course will dissect the main drivers of the application of data and digital technology in the sector and the main approaches used to reach sustainable development outcomes while mitigating the risks of their application. Different case studies will be showcased. The course will share key elements to design a responsible digital solution for good, and particularly how digital technologies can be used to collect and analyze data to catalyze positive change through mobile and online tools.

A practical application of digital technologies will be designed and carried out with the students.

The case study will be implemented in collaboration with local civil society representatives, and the results will be critically analyzed with the students.